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Fuse | Efficiency with Privacy


01. Oracle

Oracle is our cutting-edge tech that dives deep into vast data networks, giving you relevant insights instantly. Effortlessly review multiple papers, synthesize data, and understand topics in-depth.

02. Darwin

Darwin is your research companion. Organize documents, elevate research outcomes, and boost your study's impact with our advanced AI.

03. Alchemy

Alchemy simplifies data workflows. Clean, process, and visualize your data seamlessly, making research more intuitive.


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Discover FUSE, Curieo's AI application, built to optimize research workflows and ensure data security. Ideal for Healthcare professionals, Pharma pioneers, or Researchers, it provides advanced tools to turn your research into actionable insights, speeding up innovation.

About: Darwin

About Darwin




Darwin is our Ai system engineered for the requirements of Life Sciences applications. A modular approach allows our system to scale up and down to provide flexibility of deployment. Our model can be run on consumer GPUs, On-Premise servers or any Cloud Vendors.

Our models are trained on large corpus of curated knowledge in the life sciences domain. Furthermore, it is able to augment any proprietary internal information of the user. This provides higher accuracy in scientific, knowledge management and clinical workflows.

Our focus on privacy is derived from deep understanding of the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry. Our modularity allows us to deploy our system where the user's data reside and scales according to available resources. 

Amgen | Director of Process Development

“I could see this being very powerful in early-stage R&D and academia. I signed up for the waitlist."

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